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Be My Valentine

She wasn’t just a simple girl & Harry was aware of that.
Shewas pure perfection. The way she walked gracefully, the way her beautiful brown curls would swing back and forth behind her back and especially the way she would smile while waving to her friends. Her beautiful dark brown eyes would form into crescents whenever she would laugh.
All these little things would make
his heart race.
He was one damn stupid love fool. Stupid, you ask ? Well this is simple.He fell in love with her, 4 years ago. But he never had the guts to ask her out nor just have a small talk with her. But this would change now, he promised himself.
Harry took a deep breath and fixed
his hair before taking painfully slow steps towards her locker. The next thinghe would do would decide on his future. He put his written letter with a beautiful, tiny rose into the little slot ofher locker and looked for any bystanders who had maybe seen him, before running in his classroom.
Harry inhaled relieved.
He felt his heart beating like there was no tomorrow. The next thing he knew was her voice in the school hall.
Harry stood up from
hischair and walked over, to the door. Shewas standing by her locker, reading the letter. His letter.


meet me at the rooftop after school.


He thought he had just seen herlips curving into a smile.
"So perfect", Harry said.
The last 2 periods went by so slow that
he thought he would go crazy any moment.
The moment the bell rang, signaling that school was over,
he immediatly ran up the stairs to the rooftop as if his life was depending on it. Harry pushed the old, creacking door wide open while gasping for air. And their she was, standing under the big cherry blossom tree, in her rose dress, eventhough it was february. Looking as stunning as ever. Her hair was falling over her shoulder and she was looking down the rooftop with her back turned to Harry. He walked over to her and cleard his throat.
She turned around and he swore he had just felt his heart skipp a beat when she suddenly smiled at him.
her eyes formed into beautiful crescents.
”_____, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.”
The girl infront of
him tilted her head which made her look so innocent.
"I’ve liked you since I’ve seen you the very first time. It was when you stepped into this school and looked so lost with your heavy books in your arms and your mouth slightly open. It was the first time I felt my heart beating so fast and my hands sweating. It’s when I knew that I’m in love. In love with you. So please _____, be my valentine.", Harry said while looking deeply into
her eyes.
Tears of joy rolled down
her cheeks and she nodded her head really hard. He smiled and took her hands.
Harry took a step forward. While
his eyes still lingered on hers, he closed the gap between them with his lips on her beautiful plump ones. This moment felt so right.


Hope you liked it &
I hope you’ll find your very own Harry next year, on valentine’s day.

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American Music Awards 2013 - 11/24

Holy fucking shit holy shit
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